An underground station under the starry sky

The office of Professor Max Dudler is responsible for the design of the underground station Museumsinsel. In order to establish a link to the surrounding buildings built by the Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841), Professor Dudler allowed himself to be inspired by one of Schinkel's stage set designs. The vaulted ceiling of the station in dark blue with 7200 light points therefore looks like a starry sky.


Underground station Museumsinsel runs south of the Palace Bridge, under the Spree Canal between its eastern bank and the Crown Princes’ Palace.

The entrances are located between the Kupfergraben and the German Historical Museum, in front of the Crown Princes’ Palace on the southern pavement of Unter den Linden boulevard and on the Palace Square to the east of the Palace Bridge.

Due to its direct proximity to cultural sites such as the Staatsoper, the German Historical Museum, the Berlin Cathedral and the Humboldt Forum in the New Palace, the underground station is considered a "cultural station".

Due to its location under the Spreekanal and the surrounding buildings, the construction of the underground station Museumsinsel is particularly challenging.

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Construction method

It is not possible to construct the central section in a covered excavation pit. Only the access structures of the Museumsinsel underground station will be constructed using the cut-and-cover top-down method. (west of the Schlossbrücke accesses to the MUI-West excavation pit, east of the Schlossbrücke accesses to the MUI-East excavation pit)

Ice age under the Museumsinsel

Between the two deep excavation pits, the middle section of the Museumsinsel station, which will later form the platform area, was excavated below the Spree Canal and the Bertelsmann Representative Office using mining methods with the protection of ground-freezing techniques. From the eastern excavation pit, 95 boreholes were drilled over a length of up to 105 metres, in which the iice lances were installed.

The ground was frozen with brine. The soil and rock were excavated in sections and secured by means of a shotcrete lining, analogous to construction in solid rock. The inner shell was then concreted. Now the protection of the frost body was no longer neededand it was thawed in a controlled manner. The leaks were sealed and the station became waterproof!

And then it gets starry

When the structural works of the subway station are completed, the finishing works will begin immediately. Ballast and tracks will be laid and the interior, as designed by the artchitect, will be added – the floors, walls and finally the deep blue, sparkling starry sky as a ceiling over the track areas. 

Position of the new underground station Museumsinsel

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