Underground station Museumsinsel runs south of the Palace Bridge, under the Spree canal between its eastern bank and the Crown Princes’ Palace.

The entrances are located between the Kupfergraben and the German Historical Museum, in front of the Crown Princes’ Palace on the southern pavement of Unter den Linden boulevard and on the Palace Square to the east of the Palace Bridge.

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Underground station Museumsinsel was designed by the Max Dudler architectural practice.

The idea was inspired by the famous stage set created by Karl Friedrich Schinkel to herald the appearance of the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’. The vaulted station ceiling, in dark blue with countless light spots, thus takes on the hue of a starry night. Following the classicist architecture of the surrounding buildings, the underground station will be entirely clad in bright natural stone.

Underground station Museumsinsel is clearly a place of culture with its proximity to sites such as the State Opera, the German Historical Museum and the Humboldt Forum: this aspect will be taken up in the design of the rear track walls in cooperation with the Stuttgart-based agency Uebele.

© Max Dudler

The excavation pits for the access structures of the underground at Museumsinsel are built by using the cut-and-cover top-down method. Diaphragm walls made of reinforced concrete initially provide support for the sides of the pit. Following this, a waterproof floor is constructed in the soil using jet grouting to form the bottom boundary of the pit. To provide further stability within the pit, a reinforcing grille will be installed at around half-depth. A cover is then concreted over the structure, minimising noise and dust pollution. The two main tunnels will be built by boring through these pits. Inside the pits for the entrances, the soil is excavated and the reinforced concrete floors and walls of the structure are built.

To construct the platform concourse, freezing lances will be inserted into the soil around the finished main tunnels, starting from the access structures. These lances carry a liquid that freezes the soil and the groundwater in it, creating a solid block of ice. Under the protection of this ice, the platform concourse will then be bored. The main tunnels will be broken off within the station itself; space increases and the station walls are produced with shotcrete.

Once the basic structure is complete, finishing and completion is carried out: gravel is poured in, the tracks are laid and all technical cabling required for underground operation is installed. Lifts and escalators are also added. The interior design envisaged by the architects for the floors, walls and lighting is then completed. In a final step, typical facilities of an underground station such as ticket machines, ticket-cancelling posts and information displays are installed.

Position of the new underground station Museumsinsel

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