Construction site = quite a sight!

‘What are they doing here?’ – a construction site arouses curiosity. We want to answer any questions as they arise: right by the construction site. Whether you stop by at the site’s fence or in the U5 info wagon – get information, images and impressions in all aspects concerning the new U5.

Site fence design

The U5 gap closure site fence is arranged with a distinctive design. A bright yellow cover in shape of a typical Berlin subway wagon decks out the site’s fence – which would otherwise be plain and monotonous.


This should help guiding all those who pass by the site, attracting attention and providing information on the project at the same time. Thanks to the use of reoccurring modules, pedestrians are always able to find out what’s happening at the different sections of the site.


Each module presents information on the story and the benefits of the new U5. Furthermore it gives insights into the construction method, the future underground stations and the tunnel route, in German and English.


The site fence adapts to its surroundings and, to help all those interested  find their way along the the construction site. A color scheme directs passengers along the above ground path of the new U5. It is blue at Unter den Linden, switches to green at Museumsinsel, then turns into grey at Marx-Engels-Forum. At the end of the path one can find a red fence to match the colour of Rotes Rathaus.


In September 2016 the construction fences got a repaint. Right by the Brandenburg gate, on museum island, between the trees at Marx-Engels-Forum and in front of the red city hall pedestrians can find the typical yellow subways “pass by” already.



© Reetz-Graudenz
A glimpse of the construction site

As an underground engineering project, work to close the U5 gap mostly takes place below the surface. For reasons of safety and noise control, it is regulated by law that a stable wooden site fence is needed to mark off the site. However, to give anyone who is interested, a chance to see the site, windows have been integrated in the fence at several access points.

There are three viewing windows at the construction site for underground station Rotes Rathaus: two on Rathausstraße and one on Spandauer Straße.

In the site fence by the tunnel boring starting shaft next to Marx-Engels-Forum, there are also three windows, located next to each other on Spandauer Straße. They allow a clear view of the site and one can see the two main tunnels being built. The construction site can also be seen from the U5 info carriage opposite of the windows.

In addition to the existing see through construction fences, brochure holders have been installed, from which the latest newsletters will be available.

Due to the position of the sites of underground station Museums Island and Unter den Linden, viewing windows are not possible. However one can get an unobstructed view of the eastern excavation pit of the Museums Island station from the Palace Bridge and Schinkelplatz.

© Reetz-Graudenz
U5 info wagon

On April 14th the U5 info wagon in Nikolaiviertel reopened again and a brand new, completely redesigned exhibition awaits you!


A new information film, a model for the icing of the Museum Island or touchable construction site material in a black box - here you will get all the information you need on the U5 project. No matter whether you have been dealing with the project for a long time or accidentally got lost and ended up by the site.


As a special highlight, you can visit the tunnels and stations of our construction sites virtually. One is able to explore all the details in 3D and in color, but without safety equipment. Just sit down on an original subway bench and start the virtual reality construction tour. You will see our construction site with different eyes, literally!


© Oliver Lang

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