The Construction Site – what a sight!

"What are they doing here?"

A construction site arouses curiosity and we'd like to answer your questions as they arise, right at the construction site. Whether you stop by at the site’s fence or in the U5 InfoStation – you can see images, get information and an impression of all aspects of the new U5.

The U5-InfoStation at Rotes Rathaus Station

In the Rotes Rathaus underground station, the finishing works have reached the point where some areas can be made accessible to the public.  The mezzaine level of the station has been used as a U5 information station since 19.7.2019.

At the U5 InfoStation you can experience the construction site up close and get comprehensive information about the project at the same time by video, VR or photos, texts and exhibits. Here you will find the architect's model, material samples of the underground stations or a worn drill head from the underground station Museum Island to marvel at and touch.

Construction helmets and vests for young and old are also available. If the construction site operations permit, you can be guided one or two levels down to the platform level and the new track storage area to see for yourself how construction is progressing, directly on site.

Register here for one of the guided tours. We look forward to welcoming you soon at the new U5 InfoStation!

Due to the current measures to contain the corona virus, guided tours of the InfoStation are unfortunately not possible until further notice.

© A. Reetz-Graudenz
The Construction Site Fence

The U5 gap closure site fence is adorned with a distinctive design – a bright yellow image of a typical Berlin subway train wagon, which would otherwise be plain and monotonous.

This will help all those who pass the site find their way, attract attention and provide information at the same time.  Thanks to the use of reocurring information panels, pedestrians are always able to find out what’s happening at the different sections of the site.

Each panel presents information on the story and the benefits of the new U5. Furthermore they give insights into the construction method, the future underground stations and the tunnel route, in German and English.

The site fence adapts to its surroundings and helps those interested find their way around the construction site.. A color scheme directs passengers along the above ground path of the new U5. It is blue at Unter den Linden, green at Museuminsel, and grey at the Marx-Engels Forum. At the end of the path one can find a red fence to match the colour of Rotes Rathaus.

In September 2016 the construction fences were repainted.  Pedestrians can now already see the yellow underground trains „pass by“, at the Brandenburg Gate, on Museum Island, between the trees at Marx-Engels Forum and in front of the Rotes Rathaus.



© Reetz-Graudenz
The U5 Infowagon

Young or elderly, expert or layman, everyone could find exciting information about the U5 Gap Closure and learn about subway construction in the middle of Berlin-Mitte. After more than five years in service, the wagon unfortunately had to close in 2019 due to dilapidation. It was removed on 23.04.2019. We would like to thank the more than 200,000 visitors over the last five years and the U5 „info-pilots“ who always competently looked after the wagon during its service.

© A. Reetz-Graudenz

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